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Company summary

The main activity of DOB-Invest is constructing new multifunctional buildings in Dobřichovice. The main interest of the company has been to create a commercial centre for Dobřichovice. It is being realized step by step by new house building in the village centre combined with reconstructing existing buildings. On the ground floor of the buildings there is non-residential commercial space for sale or rent (shops, etc.) and on higher floors there are flats for sale.

Dobřichovice, the official address of the company, is situated on both Berounka river banks, 25 km south-west of the centre of Prague. Dobřichovice (since 2006 officially a town) has strong residential, relaxation and sports potential. The number of permanent residents is above three thousand. At weekends and especially in the summer many visitors come here to spend time in more than 300 cottages.

DOB-Invest has spread its activities out of Dobřichovice as well and become a Property Development Company all over the Czech Republic. The company uses building and financial experience and is interested in discussing the purchase of attractive properties for new purposes including problematic properties. The company is prepared to sell these properties later at their market value.

As a result of client interest the company has begun to provide complete real estate services (accepting offers for mediating the sales of individual clients).

Actual offer
On the front page, you can see the terrace houses currently under construction situated in Zbraslav which are now for sale. We offer also another piece of real estate for rent.

If you are interested please contact our business representative on +420 606 620 920, +420 257 712 630 or +420 222 331 350.

Other contact information

Office in Dobřichovice (headquarters):  Za Mlýnem 2, 252 29 Dobřichovice
Office in Prague:   Klimentská 22, 110 00 Praha 1



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